Houston Divorce Lawyer | LaFour Testimonials

"Lacy was very sharp, tough and fighting for me and my children's interests. I felt very protected by her presence in my life then and that is what I really needed at that point. I have personally worked in a tough professional world for about 12 years and I do not think you can find a better attorney for yourself, especially if your spouse is controlling and your case is financially difficult to settle." Tatiana, West Houston.

"Lacy represented me in my divorce that involved an extremely complex property structure, financial fraud on the part of my husband, and a child custody battle that continued for several years. I ultimately won custody of my child and a favorable property division. My divorce was the most emotionally stressful time in my life becuase I was fighting for my child. Lacy was constantly on top of a very complicated set of facts, she was always responsive and professional and she guided me not only through the legal aspects of my case, but she also encouraged me and gave me emotional strength on those days that I felt the process would never end. I do not hesitate recommending Lacy's services to anyone that has a family law issue. I will always return to Lacy for any family law need ." Lisa, West Houston




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