Enforcement Actions

Houston Family Law Enforcement Attorneys

Unfortunately, sometimes disagreements do not end with the finalization of a legal dispute because one party to the final order may refuse to comply with its terms. In these instances, enforcement actions are required to force the other party into complying with the court's order. Enforcement actions may involve the failure to pay child support or medical support, the failure to follow a possession schedule related to a child, the failure to turn over property awarded in a divorce or any other matter addressed by your final decree of diovrce or other final order.

If you are on the receiving end of an enforcement action, you must quickly determine whether you are in violation of the order so that immediate steps can be taken to rectify the situation. If the final order is not clear, you need a legal advocate that can skillfully argue to the court the ambiguity in the order. On the other hand, if you have failed to comply with an order where the requirements imposed upon you are clear, you could be facing fines, penalties or even jail time. In these instances, LaFour Law will work quickly on your behalf to assist you in becoming compliant with the order while simultaneously working to mitigate any damages that may be awarded against you.

Whether you are the party seeking to enforce an order or on the receiving end of an enforcement action, you need a strong legal advocate working for you. At LaFour Law, we are experienced with all type of enforcement actions and we will skillfully and aggressively fight for you. Contact LaFour Law today to set up a consultation to discuss your enforcement matter. 


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