Houston Child Support Law

Houston Child Support Attorneys

The State of Texas has very specific rules regarding the calculation of child support obligations. At LaFour Law, we are experienced in all aspects of child support and the related issues. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the system and helping you to understand your rights and obligations in relation to child support payments. 

LaFour Law can assist you  with these and many other child support issues: 

  • Establishment of above guideline child support
  • Establishmenet of child support for special needs children
  • Increasing or decreasing child support payments after the rendition of a final order
  • Teminating child support payments once a child is no longer eligible to receive support
  • Handling past due child support payments
  • Enforcing your right to receive child support

Child support matters should not be left to just any law firm. The skilled attorneys at LaFour Law know how to successfully argue and reach a favorable resolution for the clients we serve. If you are facing child support issues, please contact LaFour Law today, and let us assist you in the process. You and your children deserve nothing less.


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